Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lisa Ann: Gym Sex

Lisa Ann goes to the gym to pump up her muscles (she's got the sexiest load of them) but she ends up getting a totally different and a more complete work-out that she didn't plan. She finds a hot guy in the gym and begins to seduce him while working on her shoulders and then shows off her monster boobies, and the guy needs no more invitation. They both end up doing it, and its one of the most searing hot sexual poses I've ever seen. Un-fucking-believable! She looks like a Sex Goddess in this scene.
In fact, these 100 odd pics are hotter than her 30 minute video I posted earlier (that itself was really hot).

Anyway here are the links (will be put up soon)
You must download this text file. The Text File contains the links for downloading the file.

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